Jesus rode a donkey into town (Crowthorne and Sandhurst)

So starts the second number of the cantata by Roger Jones – Jerusalem Joy – performed by a combined choir and band of 60 from the churches in Crowthorne and Sandhurst plus members of the Crowthorne CofE School choir last Sunday 10th April.

Jerusalem Joy retells the story from Jesus’ triumphant entry into Jersualem on Palm Sunday, to his death on a cross on the Friday and the amazing events of Easter Sunday morning when hisdisciples discover that Jesus “is not here” – he is risen from the dead.

Soloists from the choir took on roles in this semi-staged performance that was enthusiastically received by the audience of c150 at St John the Baptist Church, Crowthorne.

PS A week later, and we’re still humming the catchy tune to ‘Jesus rode a donkey into town’.

Join our 2021 Lent Programme

Lent Programme 2021

Churches together in Crowthorne invite you to join one of our study programmes over Lent. An opportunity to learn together with other Christians about our shared discipleship.

On Monday evenings, “Mission and creation care for Christian Disciples” a five week course (starting Monday 22nd February) connecting science, Christianity and the environment designed to challenge our understanding of Christian discipleship and encourage us to practice sustainable lifestyles including the care of creation. Joining details here.

On Tuesday evenings, a series of pre-recorded lectures on the theme ‘Excited by…’ This year our speakers will deliver recorded lectures to be hosted on Facebook and YouTube followed by an opportunity for Questions and Answers on Zoom at 9pm. Full details here.

On Thursday evenings, “Woven”, a six week course (starting Thursday 18th February). As people of faith we know that our story and God’s story are woven together, not
because we wish it to be so but because God is interested in the smallest detail of our
lives. During the course we will reflect on our personal relationship with God and on
every Christian’s responsibility to engage with the world as it is. Joining details here.

For further details contact the secretary,

Lent 2020 Programme

Lent Courses 2020
Further details from Ken Perrett,

Crowthorne CTC is pleased to provide you with details of our Lent 2020 Programme.

We start with a Taize service together (1st March) and culminates in an ‘Agape’ supper on 6th April. In between there are a wide variety of options:

  • Ecumenical House Groups using “Lenten Reflections”, a Lent course from the Iona Community.
  • St James Church centre will again be hosting their excellent series of ‘Inspired by…’ Lent Lectures on Tuesday evenings
  • Weekly stations of the Cross Service at Holy Ghost

Further details from Ken Perrett,

Taizé service

Taizé service for the beginning of LENT 6 pm Sunday 1st March 2020, @ St John the Baptist Church, Waterloo Rd, Crowthorne.

The ecumenical community of brothers based at Taizé in France, has become well known for its contemplative style of sung prayer. It is a fitting style of worship as we gather together as ecumenical brothers and sisters.

Singing – There is a lot of this! It is “a singing which goes on and on and continues afterwards in the silence of our hearts.” It reminds us that the worship of heaven has no beginning or end and in which we join. If the printed music doesn’t help you, just pick up the tunes and harmonies by ear and use the words to help you.

Languages – There are often a lot of these too! The worship of Taizé arises out of a truly international community and reminds us that we belong to a world-wide family. For this reason, Latin is also sometimes used as an ancient universal language which is the common heritage of the church in many parts of the world.

Silence – There’s a fair bit of this as well. The simplicity of the worship is intended to lead us to a place of stillness in the presence of God. For this reason, a period of silence is at the heart of all Taizé prayer. During the silence, you may wish to focus on the candles or images before you, on the words of scripture, or to close your eyes. Enjoy the space and the chance to be open to God.